Fudan Science Park Institute International Class 2020 is now open for application!

Program Introduction

    International Class 2020 is hosted by Fudan Science Park Institution (FudanSPI). The program is dedicated to stimulating international academic exchange and institutional cooperation for developing a series of influential classes world-wide. We aim to provide prime English-taught subjects for all tertiary students from different nations. This program emphasizes on cultivating students’ global sight and improving students’ international competitive awareness as we believe that the development of globalization heavily depends on academic strengths.


School Introduction

    Fudan Science Park Institution (FudanSPI) is affiliated to Fudan University National Science Park,which is the national level unit authorized by Chinese Ministry of Science Technology and Chinese Ministry of Education in 2001. FudanSPI integrates Chinese government, industries and high school education,including but not limited to Fudan University.The institution focuses on the further education locally and globally, aiming to cultivate students with high-end knowledge, global vision and good at solving problems in reality.

    When the institution was founded in 2004, Academician Yuliang YANG, former president of Fudan University, served as the first FudanSPI president, and now Academician Fener CHEN is the honor president of the institution. Based on the high-quality education,the institution forms a strong faculty team not only with scholars and researchers from Fudan University,but also from industries and government.



    1. LiveVirtualStudyMode

    2. CampusOn-ClassMode

    Note: Studentswill beasked to choose one ofthe study modes in application. Both study modes are conducted simultaneously. Live Virtual Study Mode will utilize the DingTalk - a free application of virtual study platform. Live Virtual Study Mode will stream the Campus On-Class Mode allowing students to attend classroom remotely.


Program Information

Term Duration:    29 June 2020 - 22 July 2020 (Monday to Friday)

Exam Date:    22 July 2020

Total Credit Hours:    54 credit hours per course

Additional note:    All subjects are taught in English.

                                Each applicant is allowed to choose no more than 2 courses.

Teaching Venue:    Fudan Science Park Institution

Eligibility Criteria:    Students above 18 years old


Certificate of Qualification

    Applicants who successfully completed the program will be awarded official Qualification Statement issued by Fudan Science Park Institution.


Course List

9:00-11:35 a.m.

    1. Introduction to Linear Algebra

    2. International Investment Law

    3. Music Theory

    4. Global Marketing

    5. Introduction to Physics

13:30-16:05 p.m.

    6. Organizational Behavior

    7. Business Communication

    8. Introduction to Sociology

    9. Introduction to Biology

    10. Introduction to World Religions

18:00-20:35 p.m.

    11. Introduction to Philosophy

    12. Elementary Japanese Language

    13. Calculus

    14. International Trade

    15. Introduction to Film Studies



Tuition:One Course: 20,000RMB per person

            Two Courses: 28,000RMB per person

(The tuition does not include flight tickets and accommodations in Shanghai)

*All tuition fee must be deposited by the student him/herself to the official institution account:

Banking Details:

Account Name (户名):上海复旦科技园进修学院

Bank Branch (开户行): 中国建设银行上海分行五角场支行

Account No. (账号): 3100 1544 9000 5000 6858


Application Process

Required Application Materials:

1.OnlineApplication form ( https://www.wjx.top/m/61714535.aspx )

2.Copy of passport info page

3.Copy of Student ID card

4.Academic transcript (up-to-date)

5.Proof of English proficiency (except for students studying at an English speaking university)


Application Deadline: 30 May,2020

Step 1:

        -Applicants MUST use their personal university email address to apply this program.

        -Applicants are required to submit all supporting materials to oversea@fudanspi.com

        -Applicants who are accepted by the program will be noticed via email.

Step 2:    Fudan Science Park Institution starts to issue offer for qualified applicants.

Step 3:    Applicants who received the offer must make the remittance prior to the deadline which stated in the offer.

Step 4:    Attend program orientation and prepare for the class.



    Students can choose to book your own rooms off campus or contact the agency for booking the nearby hotel. Kindly note: July is the peak season, so hotels near the school are always fully occupied. If you plan to look for the hotel by yourself, please start to book the room as earlier as possible.

Agency Reservation :

Green Tree Inn (Wujiaochang) 0.8 KM to campus

Hotel Price :   175 RMB /night (Two students share one double room, this rate is only available from June 28 to July 23, 2020 during the program period )

Reservation :  To book the room, please send email with the following information to

housing@yr-connect.com  with the title “2020 International Class”.

    Passport Name:            Check-in date:

    Gender:                        Check-out date:


Contact Us

Oversea Further Education Center

Fudan Science Park Institution

Web: http://www.fudanspi.com/page1000_200113.htm

Email: oversea@fudanspi.com


Add: RM1408, No.2539 Songhuajiang RD, Shanghai, China, 200437


*Note: If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our program adviser via: Wechat: Melo_dudu131231 Cell: 086-15921632730


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